Healthy Cooking Classes

Christy Thiel teams up with Linda Hoffman From Come Back To the Table
for eating and cooking classes. Rebuild Your Gut, Rebuild your Life is a 4 week class that encompasses making healthy changes in a supportive environment. To learn more please go to link:
Making changes isn’t about will power it’s creating an environment that supports improvements. Health isn’t about perfections its about balance.

Nutrition to Health also offers some services to educate our clients on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and carry on that knowledge throughout the rest of their lives. In addition to diets and meal plans, we also offer services like healthy cooking classes and endocannabinoid education. 

We know that not everyone knows all the healthiest and most delicious recipes by heart. Many of the dishes and snacks that we know how to cook come from what our families and cultures have taught us. Sometimes, we may not have picked up the most nutritious recipes, and taking a cooking class can really be beneficial. Our healthy cooking classes teach our students how to prepare dishes that are healthy but also very delicious. Many people can be turned off from healthy eating because they think that means their food will no longer taste good, but that is not the case. Our nutritionists here at Nutrition to Health can teach you how to cook all kinds of foods from all different cultures that will also be good for your body and health.

Here at Nutrition to Health, we also offer endocannabinoid education to teach you about the effects and uses that marijuana has for people with all kinds of conditions. Our staff is knowledgeable and genuinely loves being able to help our clients improve or maintain their health. So if you are located in Cheyenne, WY, and the surrounding areas and would like to learn some valuable information and life skills to improve your health, Nutrition to Health is the perfect place for you.