Christy Thiel MNT is a Master Nutrition Therapist in the Fort Collins, CO area offering products and services such as nutrition protocols for leaky gut, cooking classes, CBD/hemp oils, DNA testing, anti-inflammatory diets, functional blood analysis, endocannabinoid system education, and much more. Christy Thiel has over 6 years of experience within the functional and integrated health field. Her expertise is as much in educating you as it is making lifestyle transitions as easy and effortless as possible. Health isn’t a privilege it’s a choice. It’s easier to keep your health than it is to lose it and get it back.  If your health isn’t present let’s address why and get it back! If you have your health, let’s keep it! 

One of the most popular products that we offer at Nutrition to Health is our CBD/hemp oils. Our hemp oils can support cellular communication, decrease inflammation and pain, support metabolic, endocrine and  neurological imbalances. Christy Thiel is dedicated to learning the most resent clinical research and sharing it with you. There are no cure-alls but only missing links. Your health is as important to me as my own. Come share your story with me and let’s make health happen. 

Nutrition is extremely important to your overall well being. With healthy eating and exercising becoming more of the norm, it can be confusing to know what is truly beneficial and what is just a trend. Christy Thiel MNT is here to help you distinguish that. We have a lot of information to offer you with some great products. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enjoy your health!